Best clothing rental services in USA

In this post you will learn, everything you need to know about clothing rental services and their main benefits. Moreover, discover which are the best rental clothing boxes in 2019 and find out if this service is for you or not.

What are clothing rental services

Not more than a decade ago, renting clothes, was just for special costumes and occasions. Nowadays, with the online retail explosion, this business has evolved to something huge. According to a study by Grand view research, clothing rental services are raking $1 billion in sales worldwide.

It all started with Rent the runaway, which was founded a decade ago, as a special occasion rental company. Nowadays, more retailer companies are quickly adopting to this fashion trend, launcing their own clothing box rental services.

The process is quit simple and similar with all clothe renting services. You rent the clothes you like for a certain period of time (normally a month). You wear the clothing according to your likes for that period. After the rental time is over, you return the clothes and rent a new box. Moreover, if you would like to keep a certain product then you can buy it at a discount price as a member. Similarly to clothing subscription boxes, in some cases, you can even have your personal stylist, making the rental packaging much more surprising.

Which are the best clothing rental services or boxes

Rent the Runway upended retail by offering women designer clothes to rent. While renttherunaway showed the way, nowadays, lots of fashion brands and retail stores are quickly adopting to the new trend. Lets have a closer look at the top 20 clothing rental services in USA.

1. Renttherunaway

clothing rental services

Rent the runaway is an online clothing rental company that provides designer dress and accessory rentals. It was started in November 2009, initially as a purely e-commerce company. However, it later opened retail locations in New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles.

How it works: You can chose to rent 4+ pieces per month. Then you simply exchange them every month. Free shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance are all included in the membership.

Pricing plans: There are 2 plans. Update at $89 and Unlimited at $159

2. Vivrelle

Access hundreds of classic luxury bags, jewelry and other accessories. Members can experience an item for as long as they’d like, or swap it out monthly. If you love your accessory, you can also buy it for a special members-only price!

How: Experience one item or two items per month (depending on membership) from the Classique or Couture closet. The Classique closet includes products with a retail value under $4,000. Couture closet’s products have a value of more than $4000.

Cost: Starting at $99 per month.

3. Letote

Le tote is a fashion subscription service company, that lets you rent fashion clothing and other accessories for a monthly fee. You just wear, return and repeat this process every month.

How: Browse all styles and choose the products you want to rent. The company will send your tote to your door with free 2-3 day priority shipping. Wear your clothing and accessories as many times as you like. Finally, keep the pieces you love for up to 50% off retail and return the rest.

Cost: There are 2 kinds of monthly membership. The Classic at $79 per month and the Maternity for $89 per month.

4. Gwynnie Bee

Are you looking for a plus-sized fashion box? Then Gwynnie Bee subscription plan is just for you!

How it works: You can choose from one to 10 items at a time from the website’s closet. After you receive your selection, you can wear all the pieces from the box (for as long as you want), keep the ones you would like to purchase, and send back the pieces you don’t need. Moreover, the company’s expanded collection includes all sizes from 0-32.

Cost: Starting from $35 for one-item monthly subscription.

5. Nyandcompanycloset

New York & Company, Inc. is a leading specialty manufacturer and retailer of women’s fashion apparel and accessories. The company provides women with modern, clothing wear to every day work solutions at affordable prices.

How it works: TRY – Build an online wardrobe, exploring by category, collection, or new arrivals. WEAR – Get all the items delivered to your door and wear them as often as you like. RETURN – Send back your items when you’re ready for a new box. REPEAT – Swapp items as often as you like. The subscription includes unlimited shipping and exchanges. KEEP – Finally, purchase the items you like, at a discount.

Cost: 3 items out at a time for $45 per month.

6. Tulerie

Tulerie is a new way of thinking about your closet. Rent and lend designer pieces from a fashionable community of women and their shared closets.

How it works: At Tulerie you can borrow the pieces you don’t want to commit buying and access high end designers without worrying about the high price. You can also earn money by lending your own pieces. If you simply can’t wear everything you own, you could lend a few pieces and earn some extra money. For every piece you loan, you save the planet from one more fast fashion item ending in a landfill.

Cost: Download the Tulerie App for free.

7. Expstyletrial

Express is a specialty retailer of women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. Their customers are mostly young between 20 to 30 year old. The company has more than 35 years of experience offering fashion and quality for multiple lifestyle occasions.

How it works: Explore new styles every week and create your ultimate closet. Get the styles delivered right to your door and keep them as long as you want. Return all your items in a pre paid bag when you are ready for a new box. Moreover, the company offers free shipping and exchanges, making it easy to try new pieces all month! Finally, save on the retail price every time you decide to keep an item.

Cost: 3 items out at a time for $69.95 per month.

8. Rebeccataylorrntd

Rebecca Taylor is a womenswear brand inspired by beauty of everyday life. The brand’s collection cultivates a look of modern nostalgia and romantic fragility with a sophisticated edge. Every piece offers a carefully crafted silhouette and a distinctive detail that captures the imagination and elevates your vibes.

How it works: Create your ultimate wardrobe and explore new styles launching every week. Select your best styles and wear them for as long as you like. Send styles back, using the pre-paid return package. Do it all over again. Subscription includes unlimited shipping and exchanges. Finally buy your favorite styles at an exclusive member price.

Cost: 4 items out at a time for $159 per month.

9. Nuuly

The company’s mission since 1970 is: encouraging customers to express themselves through their wardrobes and the spaces they keep. Nuuly offers a curation of hundreds of designers and labels and not just from their own brands. Designed to give you everything you need to get inspired, be creative and explore all different aspects of your individual style.

How it works: Choose 6 Items. Four vintage tops and the same dress in two sizes? Six pairs of jeans? One of everything? It’s entirelly up to you. Wear them for the next month. Don’t worry about laundry or repairs. They are included in the plan. Buy, return + Refill. If you fall in love with any product, simply buy it. Send back the rest and repeat the procedure every month.

Cost: Subscribe and select any six items you like, for $88 per month.

10. Armoire

clothing rental services

Armoire is a group of eclectic women and men who understand what it means to be busy, social and simultaneously stylish. Get the closet your life requires, with zero time or effort. The company provides personalized selections, curated for you. No wandering in stores or endless scrolling.

How it works: Take a 3-minute quiz about your style and fit preferences. The company will then curate a selection of elevated styles with the help of their algorithm and professional stylists. You can adjust your needs whenever you like! No more endless scrolling, no more dressing room frustrations. Browse your personalized virtual closet and select items you’d like delivered to you now. High-end styles in sizes 0-24W to satisfy every occasion our demanding life requires. Moreover, you can always see more options by refreshing your closet or asking a stylist for recommendations.

Cost: Monthly membership plans starting at $149/mo.

11. Parcel22

Parcel22 is a subscription box clothing and accessories rental service that gives you unlimited access to the latest trends and fashion. Wear what you want, keep what you like, and exchange the rest. Repeat the steps unlimited times per month!

How it works: For a flat monthly rate, you receive a parcel straight to your door with clothes and accessories that you ultimately approve. YOu can strut your pieces for as long and as many times as you want. When you’re ready for your next Parcel, simply pack the items in the original package, stick the prepaid shipping label on top, and drop it off at your local USPS store. You may purchase any items you like for the discounted member price (up to 80% of retail value).

Cost: There are 3 subscription plans. Simple, sassy and smart.

12. Themscollection

clothing fashion services

The Mr. & Ms. box, also known as The Mr. and The Ms. Collection, is a personal styling subscription service that connects customers with brands they can rent, without the fear of commitment. The company was founded on the principle that fashion should be accessible, fun and convenient.

How it works: Choose your membership plan and fill out your Style Profile. Their stylists will then hand-select casual or professional surprise looks that you can rent, with the option to buy. Packs will be filled with surprise items, taking into consideration your sizing, preferences, weather, location, or any other feedback submitted. You will receive a pack, either once a month or an unlimited amount of times, depending on your subscrition. Wear the items as long as you like. Return and repeat.

Cost: There are multiple subscription plans.

13. Thefashionpass

clothing rental services

According to reviews from customers, the fashion pass feels more like a community giving advice and reviews of products than just a service. A community of kind, strong, and supportive women.

How it works: Rent unlimited clothing and accessories with just one monthly membership. You can switch your box for a new one as many times a month as you want. Simply return your items using our prelabeled bag. You can keep your items for as long as you want, a day, a week or 2 months. it is entirely up to you! Return your items whenever you’re ready to select new ones. All products are available for purchase with a members only discount of at least 20% off.

Cost: 3 monthly membership plans: The Socialite – $79, Trendsetter – $109, Wanderlust – $139

14. Bloomingdales

My list at Bloomingdale’s is a new rental subscription service that gives you access to the very best! Discover the latest trends, hottest fashion designers and styles that you have always dreamed about.

How it works: Add the styles you love to your Closet and the company will send four of your picks. You can wear them as many times as you’d like. Ship all items back when you are ready for a new pack. Moreover, shipping, returns and dry cleaning are always free. Unlimited exchanges that put a world of style at your fingertips. Finally, buy the items you can’t let go.

Cost: Monthly flat fee of $149

Benefits of Clothing Rental boxes

  • Fashion addicts love this service. Its like renewing your wardrobe every month.
  • Be trendy. As you keep changing clothes every month you quickly adjust to new trends and styles.
  • Better prices. If you decide to keep any item you can buy at much better discount member only prices.
  • Save money. Instead of buying your favorite clothes, you can rent them at much better prices. If you need a dress once, why buy it? For example you can rent a designer’s outfit for a few dollars, instead of paying hundreds.
  • Its good for the environment! By borrowing versus buying, factories will produce less products, thus less junction thrown to the environment..

Is this service for you?

We, would say Yes if you:

  • Like to be trendy and constantly renew your wardrobe.
  • Don’t have the time to spend hours for shopping. You get a personal stylist to do the job.
  • Buy a lot of clothing products just to wear them once.
  • Are addicted to high end designer’s clothing. It will save you money.

No if you:

  • Are not into fashion in general.
  • Not a regular shopper.
  • Like to buy your own clothing, new in the box.

We would love to hear from you! Which is your favorite clothing rental box service? Have you tried more than one box? Do you recommend any other fashion subscription based companies? Leave your comments in the box below.

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