Best clothing subscription boxes in 2019

This post will discuss everything you need to know about clothing subscription boxes with personal styling services. By the end of it, you will be able to answer questions such us:

  • What are clothing subscription boxes and which are their main benefits?
  • Which are the best, USA personal styling clothing box companies in 2019?
  • And last but not least, Is such a thing for you?

What is a clothing subscription box?

Wikipedia defines a “subscription box“, as a recurring delivery of niche products and part of a new innovative method of product distribution. Moreover, It is estimated that there are 400 to 600 different kinds of subscription boxes in the United States alone, in 2019.

Even though, there is no official definition of the term “clothing subscription box”, it can be described as: A recurring delivery of clothing products, such as footwear, apparel and other fashion accessories.

In fashion terms, a clothing subscription box, has evolved to be your online personal stylist and shopper. An online wardrobe, where you can try clothing, proposed by your stylist, keep what you like and return the rest. Unlike clothing rental services, products included in the box are to be bought rather than rented.

Some common characteristics of clothing boxes include:

  • Recurring subscription box (generally monthly or quarterly).
  • One time or recurring styling fee.
  • Your personal stylist. Personal styling services.
  • Try before you buy and free returns.

Moreover clothing boxes are now targeting niches such as plus size clothing, sport and fitness, working clothes etc.

Even amazon saw the massive trend and recently introduced their own clothing subscription box. So, starting with them lets have a look at some of the most popular subscription boxes.

The best clothing subscription boxes in USA

1. Stitch Fix

About: Stitch Fix is a personal fashion styling service that sends individually picked clothing and other accessories, for a one-time styling fee. The company began by catering only to women, but it has now expanded to men’s clothing subscription boxes, plus sizes, maternity wear and kids clothing.

How it works: Visitors must fill out an online survey regarding their personal style preferences. Then, based on the customer’s profile, an assigned stylist from the company picks five items to send. Finally, the customer schedules a date to receive the items, which is referred to as a “Fix”. Once the shipment has arrived, the customer has three days to choose to keep the items, or return some of them. If the customer keeps at least one item, the initial styling fee is credited towards the cost of the item. In addition to the styling fee being credited, if the customer decides to keep all five items, the customer receives 25% off the total cost of the items. Customers choose the shipping frequency, such as every two weeks, once a month, or every two months.

Cost: $20 One time – personal styling fee.

2. Frankandoak

About: Frank And Oak was founded in 2012 by Ethan Song and Hicham Ratnani on the principles of quality essentials and personalized experience.The company gives emphasis on recycled materials to reduce waste. As of 2019 approximately 50% of their products are made with minimal impact processes.

How it works: The process is similar to stitch fix. Customers must fill in a form with the required information about them and their styling prefernces. Based on that information, each month, their expert stylists and algorithm choose quality, eco-conscious clothes. You can then preview your monthly box and confirm their picks. Not feeling it? Skip your order anytime.

Cost: Each monthly box is subject to a $25 styling fee.

3. Boxofstyle

About: Luxury Style Curated company by Rachel Zoe. Box of Style brings you over $400 worth of seasonal styles for less than $100 a box, plus exclusive membership perks.

How it works: First you need to select your membership (Vip or regular). Then you need to fill a form about yoursel, let them now your preferences and add optional products. Finally, leave the expert curation to them. You will receive your luxury style box right at your doorstep, delivered every three months and packed with exclusive seasonal products.

Cost: Plans start at $99.99 per 3 months.

4. Trunkclub

About: Trunk club is a Nordstrom company. Trunk Club is a personalized mid- to high-end men’s and women’s clothing service based in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

How it works: Create your style profile, by answering a few questions about your fit, style, and budget. Then, you get to speak with a real person, your personal fashion stylist, either on the phone or in messenger app. You can work with your stylist for as much time as you like to find the clothes you need. When your Trunk is ready, you receive a digital preview. You have 48 hours to approve or change your Trunk preview. Once you give the ok, your Trunk box will be delivered via UPS in 4–6 days. Shipping is free, and Trunks can be sent anywhere in the U.S. Finally you get to try everything on. You have 5 days to decide what to keep and what to return. Returns are free with the included shipping label.

Cost: $25 styling fee

5. Wantable

About: Wantable is a personal styling service that uses a combination of expert fashion stylists and technology to handpick apparel or fitness gear based on your budget, size and style choices.

How it works: Select a category and take a short style quiz so the company can get to know the necessary information on you. You then place your first order to get styled. Then you get to view the latest arrivals matching your preferences. View all of your quiz matches together or filter by category type. With just a click, request items you like for your next shipment. It typically takes 3-7 business days to carefully curate and pack up your box. Orders are delivered usually within 6-12 business days. The box will contain 7 handpicked pieces. Finally, you are charged for what you keep, and your styling fee is applied to your purchase.

Cost: There are 3 plans currently available. Style, fitness and men’s fitness. $20 styling fee.

6. Elizabethandclarke

About: Elizabeth and Clarke designs chic and accessible closet essentials for working women. It is a subscription fashion box that designs and manufactures their own clothing. Their team has a diverse set of skills and backgrounds in retail, supply chain management, marketing, textile science, software development and design.

How it works: Select a shirt or suiting plan and receive fashion boxes every 3 or 6 months. You can cancel anytime. Choose the items you want to receive or leave your box empty and they will curate a selection for you. The company offers flexible returns and exchanges along with free shipping in USA.

Cost: There are several plans. You can choose from one to 3 suits or shirts per box. Prices start at $60

7. Goldentote

About: Golden Tote is a unique styling service based in California. Each month they introduce new products in the form of three different options (totes).

How it works: The Mini Tote contains 2 clothing items. One you pick and one our stylist pick for you for. The Surprise Tote contains 3 clothing items. All three are picked by a personal stylist, based on your style profile. Finally, Their most popular option, the Golden Tote, contains 5 clothing items. You pick two and their stylist picks an additional 3 items all based on your style profile.

Cost: Prices start at $59

8. Luxecatch

About: Luxe Catch is a surprise, themed and semi-personalized box of store-line, designer and contemporary branded items of highly desired fashions; all for one price. Popular brands of their closet include: Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Coach, YSL, True Religion, Elie Tahari, Tory Burch, and much more.

How it works: Take a brief questionnaire, choosing your style, size and brand preferences. Decide which of the 2 boxes you want. The Bargain at $50/mo (valued at $200) or the Posh at $250/mo (valued at $1000). Savings can go up to 90% off of retail prices. Keep the savings & style – no need to waste time on returns. Repeat!

Cost: $50 monthly – valued at up to $200, or $250 monthly – valued at up to $1000.

9. Nadinewest

About: Nadine West is a super fun and fashionable service providing customers with personalized stylish items, free of charge! Founded in 2013, the company sends personalized outfits to your doorstep every month. There are no subscription fees. You only pay for what you like.

How it works: After you take your style quiz, the company will send you a pink package of fashion, including 4 to 6 items. Typical combo products include a couple of tops, a bottom, a dress and a couple pieces of jewelry or other fabulous accessories! To return the unwanted items back, just put them inside the same package you received, package and close it up.

Cost: Items range from less than 10 bucks to around 30 bucks, depending on your preference!

10. Ellie

About: Ellie is a curated monthly activewear subscription. The company sends you one fashion-forward, quality 3-piece active wear outfit every month for less than the cost of a single piece at a retailer. And unlike other subscription boxes, you have options: choose one of their pre-styled activewear and accessory filled boxes to get exactly what you love.

How it works: To start, choose your favorite 3-piece active-wear outfit, each perfectly crafted for namaslaying and power pedaling. You can skip any month or even cancel at any time. Moreover you can adjust your sizing preferences each month. If the fit or feel of a product is not good, they will replace it at no extra charge.

Cost: There are 3 plans. 2 items ($39.95), 3 items ($44.95), or 5 ($49.95) items per month.

11. Yogaclub

About: YogaClub is a premier activewear subscription box, that styles you for at least 50% off retail prices so you can look good and feel good for less.

How it works: Firstly, complete your profile by taking a fun and interactive style quiz. Your answers let their sportswear stylists know your style, sizes and favorite ways to sweat. Using your unique profile and the information provided, they will curate an outfit that matches your personality, body type, and is perfect for the activities you love!

Cost: Membership cost $72 per month.

12. Fabletics

About: Fabletics is a sport fitness shopping subscription based in California. Subscribers have access to an extended collection of bottoms, such as leggings, capris and joggers. Moreover there is a wide selection of sport bras and gym outfits.

How it works: You can shop outfits curated just for you every month. Alternatively you will not be charged if you skip the month. Free shipping is available on orders of $49.95 or more within the United States.

Cost: Starts at $49.95 per month.

13. Justfab

About: From the same company as fabletics and shoedazzle. From design to finished product Just Fab, tailors the hottest looks to every style personality. Whether it’s shoes, handbags, or dresses, every single stle is born and raised in their Los Angeles offices.

How it works: First, you take a fun style quiz. You then get your personalized boutique and shop from a wide range of clothing, footwear and other accessories. With your VIP member discount, you are saving 30% off retail pricing. You also have full access to their exclusive designs, as well as invitations to VIP-only private events. There is free shipping on all the orders over $39 within the United States. You can shop or skip the month, the choice is always yours.

Cost: Monthly VIP membership is currently at $39.95

14. Adoreme

About: Adore me is designing lingerie styles with a perfect fit for every body. The company designs high quality lingerie in a wide range of options to suit your unique style and size. From minimal bralettes to full-support bras.

How it works: You can visit your showroom between the 1st and the 5th of each month to shop. Moreover, you can skip as many months as you like! If you don’t shop or skip the month you will be charged with a refundable amount. Store credits can be used to buy anything on Adore Me. Most importantly they never expire!

Cost: A monthly charge of $39.95

15. Dia

About: Are you struggling to find clothes that fit your body? Dia & Co is a plus size clothing box company, founded in 2015, as a way for women just like me to embrace their individuality. The company is a place where everyone can explore all the incredible things that style can really do.

How it works: Fill out the 5 minute style quiz. Your personal stylist will then start putting together the perfect box according to your budget. Add up to 3 items to your box or pin them to give your stylist some extra hints. Finally you can try on your 5 items at the comfort of your home and keep what you like.

Cost: $20 styling fee.

16. Amazon’s Personal Shopper

About: Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe is a new styling service, exclusive for Amazon Prime members, that provides style inspiration and personalized recommendations.

How it works: After learning more about your broad preferences including style, fit, and budget, their stylists will curate inspirational pieces for everyday or help you find that perfect look for work, vacation, or a night out. Their stylists pull from thousands of brands across clothing, shoes, and accessories and handpick items that suit your budget, fit and style preferences, as well as your specific fashion needs. Unlike other fashion clothing subscription boxes, at Amazon you have the opportunity to preview your stylist picks. You can then select which items to ship in your Prime Wardrobe order with the benefits of no up-front cost and Try-on at home period of up to seven days. Easy returns with their resealable packaging, and pay only for what you decide to keep.

Cost: $4.99 per month (which entitles you to one styling per month).

Benefits of clothing subscription boxes

It has the element of surprise. Its like expecting a package from Santa Clause each month. Your personal stylist will pick your clothing box based on your preferences but you never know what you receive until you actually open that box!

It is personal. Meaning that an assigned stylist, your new personal shopper, will prepare the box according to your own fashion preferences. Just to hire an online personal fashion stylist might probably cost you thousands of dollars per month. With such a service, you will be paying only around 20 dollars per month. In some cases, if you are not happy, you can even change your stylist!

It saves you time. Because you fill your personal info, such as fitting/sizing and styling preferences, ONCE and thats it. Your monthly shopping, finds you directly in front of your door. You don’t have to browse online for hours. You won’t have to spend hours going to different stores at the mall to find the right outfit. These curated boxes will do the work for you.

It saves you money. You just add your monthly budget and a stylist will send you clothing according to your budget. Moreover when you decide which clothes to keep, you pay at much better discount prices.

Be trendy. Stylists will usually much your preferences and send you the latest in fashion as following fashion trends is part of their job. So, no need to worry about being trendy, someone has you covered.


Subscription boxes are one of the best and most popular ways to shop. They have been described as the present and future of online retailing. They offer consumers unique experiences, curated products, introduce new brands and make checking the mail plain fun!

So is this service for you?

We would say, Yes if you:

  • Just don’t have enough free time to shop.
  • Like surprises this will be a real gift for you.
  • Like to shop often and regularly renew your wardrobe.
  • Want to have your own personal stylist and be trendy.

We would say, No if you are:

  • Very selective when choosing your clothing. This might not be for you.
  • Not a regular clothing shopper. This is probably not for you.

What about you? Which is your favorite clothing subscription box service? Have you tried more than one service? Do you recommend any other fashion subscription based companies? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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