Review guide

Who is reviewing the shoes?

The products are exclusively reviewed by fashion bloggers with a proven knowledge on fashion and styling.

What products do we review?

Standard product reviews

Reviewers are asked to choose from a constantly updated list of stylish affordable shoes (the list is prepared by our marketing and accounting team, based on our own market research). We directly buy the shoes from the merchant without any other commitment or prior arrangements. Fashion bloggers who accept to fully review the product, can keep the shoes for free, as a gesture of gratitude for taking the time to genuinely review the shoes.

Sponsored product reviews

There are cases in which a reviewer might be compensated to review a specific product or products, in addition to keeping them for free. That is, when a merchant (outside partner) pays for a sponsored post. For more details on sponsored posts please contact our marketing team.

How do we rate?

All reviewers are kindly requested to leave their genuine feedback and honest ratings – from 1 to 5, based on the guidelines below.

5 = Super, 4 = Very good, 3 = Ok, 2 = Below average, 1 = Bad

(*If you are between, rate with half points)


Delivery: Which state do you live and how many days did it take for the shoes to arrive?

Packaging: How was the packaging and conditioning of the shoes?

Return Policy: Describe the return/exchange policy as well as customer service.

Pricing/Value for money: Does the product worth its money?

Comfiness: How comfortable are the shoes?

Fitting: Does the shoe fit true to size?

Awesomeness/Expectations: How awed are you from the shoes? Were your expectations met?

Finally, please give your styling advise and tips on,

Where to wear: Describe where are they suitable to be worn and where not. For example you can wear (or) can’t wear, at home, at office, in the gym, in a restaurant, in a cafeteria, night club, etc.

How to style: Describe how you chose to style the shoes in this review and also propose other alternative styling options.

** The final review post is edited by our editor. The editor has the right to postpone a review post if he finds the information provided as insufficient or not properly followed our review guidelines.

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